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         - Security of your Personal Information
What we employ to secure your information
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The Security of your Personal Information

  At, the security of our customers personal information is of utmost importance. We therefore employ several technologies to protect information from being seen by anyone other than the staff. Below you will find a brief summary of the technologies we employ and what role they perform in protecting your information.

    1. 128-Bit Secure SSL Server - The latest in Internet secure server technology, the 128-bit secure server enables the transfer of information through regular Internet servers by encrypting the information. Encryption is complex way of coding the information  so that any party viewing the data before it is decrypted will see a series of indecipherable letters and numbers. For example: Suppose your name is John and it is very sensitive information. You want to send it over the Internet but don't want the risk of someone on the Internet viewing your sensitive information [see Risk of Ordering on the Internet below]. If you send it over a regular Internet server (when the lock displayed on your browser is unlit), you risk a chance of someone prying into an Internet server somewhere along the way. A 128 Bit secure server encrypts that data so that John looks like &G^GH*HD8798b, but when it gets to the destination server it is decrypted to John. A secure server does this to any information that is sent through it. employs this secure server to process orders through which credit card numbers and e-mail addresses are sent. This secure server encrypts all data the same way - to all people who purchase the server. We therefore employ a second technology to make our encryption unique.

    2. Digital Secure Server Certificate from - This certificate is our unique encryption code verifying that any data that is encrypted can only be decrypted by us. In other words, only we are able to transform the code back to John. If any other decryption method is used, the data will not be the same. This basically guarantees 100% that no one can get the information you send through our secure ordering system.

The Risks of Ordering on the Internet

 Simply put the risks of someone getting your information - even unencrypted - is like finding a sliver of glass in a haystack. There are billions of characters of data being sent on the Internet all at once. If someone wants to find private information they would have to tap into an Internet server that transfers data between servers and users. They then would have to use a program to filter the data that passes through looking for 8-16 digit numbers created with mathematical algarithms (created by the credit card companies). The chances of a program finding 8-16 digits in millions of characters is nearly impossible, though it is possible. After encryption it is impossible since the numbers are not in the algarithm that the software is programmed to look for. This brings your risks down to zero. If you have any further questions regarding the security of your information, please e-mail us at

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